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We specialize in delivering exceptional property management for different types of investors and realtors


Rental Property Management







Dealing with the nuts and bolts of property management can be time consuming.  Mowing, collecting rent, dealing with maintenance issues etc. can overtake your weekends.  Ridge Property Management can assist you in taking back your weekends, and optimize your properties potential through a series of targeted services for rental property owners just like you.  Ridge Property Management will oversee the demanding day-to-day operations of your property so you can reap the financial benefits stress free.  Are you out of state? No problem we can handle the day-to-day property management services while you allow your investment to work for you from afar.  

Ridge Property Management can increase your investment potential by a proactive targeted approach:

Take Your Weekends Back With Worry FREE Property Management.

Let Us Manage Your Property To The Next Level Of Investment




Ridge Property Management Stands Above The Rest

When It Comes To Multi Family Property Management

Multi-family management can be daunting and labor intensive.  Every tenant has different needs that you have to ensure that you respond to promptly, this can be overwhelming.

Ridge Property Management can help you!  We can run your multi-family properties from start to finish: finding quality tenants, handling maintenance requests, providing quarterly property inspections, executing lease agreements, and evictions if required.

Ridge Property Management can increase your investment potential by a proactive targeted approach:


Property Management fpr Real Estate Investors

As your rental investment portfolio grows you realize you have less time to manage the every day demands of your tenants, maintenance issues,  inspections, and marketing.  By partnering with our team, you will be utilizing years of professional experience to free up your time to grow your portfolio.  We offer a variety of services to assist you in managing your properties from progressive marketing to attract quality tenants, resolve complaints and issues promptly.

Ridge Property Management can increase your investment potential by a proactive targeted approach:    

Use Ridge Property Management To Grow Your Portfolio Values


Property Management for Realtors

Realtor Referral Program

Help Clients and Make Money 

Happy Clients Happy Realtor.  Ridge Property Management Is Here For You When Your Client Needs Us!

Ridge Property Management strives to cultivate and maintain good relationships with real estate agents and brokers.

Managing tenants and toilets is a distraction from your primary focus and could potentially expose you to unnecessary liability.  Impress your clients by referring them to Ridge Property Management for their professional property management needs.  Our experience you can trust, and results your clients can see.  Your clients will thank you and you will make more money.

We understand that some houses may take longer to sell than others.  Your clients have a fixed window to sell their house before they start losing money.  They do not want that and you do not either.  Ridge Property Management can assist in alleviating this financial stress by quickly identifying a quality tenant who will take care of the property.  100% Peace Of Mind Index     

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