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Homes, Condos, Townhouse Property Management

PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE.... we have refined systems to identify problems before they occur.  These systems provide us the opportunity to maximize your cash flow and maintain your property as a long term investment.

  • 60 Day advance notice required to avoid vacancy and maximize rent

  • Comprehensive lease agreement prepared for your specific property

  • Knowledgeable team performs quarterly inspections on your property

Homes/ Condos / Townhouses

Profitable Property Management Solutions For Your Property

Multi Family Management

"Headache-FREE" Multi Family Management

Managing a multi-family property can be overwhelming with all the maintenance requests, ensuring timely rent collection, bills are paid on time, and handling multiple problems weekly.  Let Ridge Property Management take the reigns of all these elements and more.  We screen for quality tenants, provide quarterly inspections and maintain your property to keep your investment secure, and oversee finances so your investment continues to be financially rewarding.  

Multi Family Property Management
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