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The Ridge Property Management Difference

Our Company Is Dual Focused !

"Your home is our home:" this is the heartbeat of Ridge Property Management.  As owners of several properties we understand how important it is to take care of your investment in order to maximize return on these assets; this is reflective in how we manage your investment properties.  You will see an underlying theme of personal care and a proactive, targeted approach to increase your monthly cash flow through identifying quality tenants, conducting thorough inspections, providing prompt maintenance, and delivering progressive professional marketing.  This is our winning formula! 


The philosophy of "Your Home Is Our Home" carriers over to our tenants as well.  We want our tenants to live in properties we would choose to live in.  Our promise to you is to always ensure that your property is in top notch condition.  Properties that are

well-maintained attract quality tenants that will be more inclined to take care of your property, pay rent on time and adhere to the conditions of the lease.

Ridge strives to be the industry leader in the Gallatin County area by redefining personal service.  For us, personal service encompasses: communication, transparency, trust, proactive management of all facets of your property.


Circular flow chart of Ridge Property Management business values

The Ridge Property Management Team

Jennifer Plumley owner of Ridge Property Management

Jennifer Plumley & Bozee

Sharon Cleland owner of Ridge Property Management

Sharon Cleland

Ridge Property Management is passionate about improving the Gallatin community one house at a time.  We are proud to live in Bozeman, and the town we will retire in.  As the town is growing exponentially it is critical that we do not lose sight of maintaining the quality of our homes.  It is important to us to put time and quality care into each and every home we care for so that the final results enables us to all be proud of the town we are raising our families in. 

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