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Quality Tenants, A Key To Financial Property Success

Quality tenants are essential for caring for your property and paying rent on time.  These factors contribute to a better ROI.

Each potential tenant is vetted by a thorough 8-step screening process.   We obtain a detailed background and screening report.  Credit history also plays an important part of our screening process.

Below is an overview of our detailed screening criterion that applicants must fulfill to be

  1. 18 years and older.

  2. A nationwide background check is completed to ensure a tenant doesn't possess a criminal record, and it not a sex offender.

  3. An eviction database report is run to ensure that a tenant has never been evicted.

  4. Credit history - 700 + Credit Score or higher.

  5. Verifiable gross income --- Proof of income will need to be submitted- 2 previous pay stubs or tax returns.

  6. Employment verification - letter from employer.

  7. Rental History- contact previous 2 landlords (late payments, NSF payments, foreclosure on mortgage, outstanding balances for rental damages, any demonstration of rental property neglect, any evictions).

  8. Review their monthly debt to income ratio, and identify liens and garnishments.



Get The Right Leased Signed, And Avoid The Headaches Of Tenant Neglect

  • Our leases clearly outline the responsibilities / expectations of the landlord and tenant.  A solid lease prevents issues before they could arise.

  • A detailed pre move-in inspection is pivotal to highlight any problems that could arise down the road with the property.  The move-in inspection is communicated with the approved applicant.

Handing over property keys to quality tenants
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