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Commercial Property Management

Let Ridge Property Management Help You!

Increase Your Profits By Hiring Ridge Property Management

Maintaining a commercial property comes with a significant amount of time commitment.  Extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of overseeing a property is essential to boost your return on investment.  One should have experience in advertising and marketing, tenant screening, property maintenance etc. and if done correctly and efficiently can boost your profit.

1.  Vacancies Are Financially Draining- Avoid This With Proper Marketing Strategies

Ridge Property Management can advertise your property in front of a large pool of candidates very quickly.  This can certainly help you fill your vacancy within a certain time frame and alleviate you from losing more money than you should.

2.  Tenant Relationships

Dealing directly with a tenant can put undue stress on the relationship between an owner and a tenant, let Ridge Property Management act as a buffer between you and the tenant.  We have processes in place to ensure you receive your monthly rental fee without hassle or headaches.  We will ensure that both parties are adhering to agreed-upon lease terms, reducing stress for all involved.

3.  Market Knowledge

Sometimes emotional connections to a property can prevent you from establishing the correct rental amount for your commercial property- this can be detrimental to your return on investment.  If you price your rent too low, you are not maximizing the profitability you could be making.  On the flip side, if you set your rent too high it will stand vacant for a longer period of time which will lead to lost rental revenue.  Experienced property manages have the ability to compare different data of similar commercial properties and establish the correct rental amount for your property; without the emotional connection to your property.

4.  Established Vendor Networks

We have established relationships with a vast array of vendors to assist us in providing you with quality and affordable maintenance and repair costs.  All contractors, tradesman, suppliers and maintenance workers are vetted, trusted and dependable.  Using Ridge Property Management saves you in time and money when it comes to performing maintenance and making repairs on your investments.

5.  Maintenance Management

Maintenance and regular inspections are pivotal to establish sound tenant relationships and prevent bigger, more costly issues later down the road.  At Ridge Property Management we understand the absolute necessity to ensure that your property is taken care of to the highest standard, and your investment protected.  YOUR PROPERTY. OUR PRIDE!

6.  Legal and Regulatory Knowledge

Navigating through all the legal regulations of commercial real estate can incredibly stressful and time consuming.  Allow Ridge Property Management to reduce the risk and exposure to costly errors.  We will also ensure that your property is up-to-date and aligned with current regulations. 

7.  Grow Your Investment Portfolio

Let Ridge Property Management manage the time consuming day-to-day operations of your rental property giving you the time to seek out other property investments.

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